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An angel who talks about happiness

Today one of the cab driver pursued me to get into an airport cab at 9:00 PM for the fare i pay the bus so that he does not have to go empty for an airport pick up. My home lies on the way to the airport.
He has pursued two other elderly couple en route to the airport. He began simple conversation with me. I was slightly uncomfortable as i wanted little to give away as the driver was sitting next to me or me next to the driver. Eventually he picked up the conversation again and told about his travel and retirement interest, his past positions and that he was also a professor in management. I spoke to him further with no inhibitions.

He told me - "find happiness". Happiness is not in acquisitions but in simple small things like the no motive conversation we are having now.

After i bid my bye when my home lane was near, he told the cab driver to wait until i cross the road. Being a highway, motorist drive like maniacs even when the pedestrian signals are on. The angels that god sends!

I was reading an older gibberish of mine where i was talking about my inability to put an already reserved person at ease. Here was god's angel engaging in live example.
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